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How it works

The Vielight Neuro Duo 4 is a cutting-edge device designed to enhance brain health and cognitive function through photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy.

The Vielight Neuro Duo 4 works by delivering light energy to brain cells, stimulating mitochondrial activity and increasing ATP production. This process enhances cellular function and promotes neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. The combination of Gamma and Alpha frequencies allows for a balanced approach, targeting both high-level cognitive functions and overall mental well-being.

Book your appointment today! Photobiomodulation Therapy and more specifically, The Vielight Neuro Duo 4 provides non-invasive brain health recovery treatment.


1. Dual Modulation Frequencies
  • Gamma (40 Hz): Known for its association with cognitive processing and neural synchronization, the Gamma frequency is believed to enhance cognitive functions, including memory and learning.
  • Alpha (10 Hz): The Alpha frequency is associated with relaxation and mental clarity. It is thought to promote a calm yet alert mental state, which can be beneficial for stress reduction and creativity.
2. Transcranial and Intranasal Stimulation
  • Transcranial Photobiomodulation: The Neuro Duo 4 uses transcranial LEDs to deliver light to the cortical regions of the brain. This method is designed to penetrate the skull and stimulate brain cells directly.
  • Intranasal Photobiomodulation: A nasal applicator delivers light to the underside of the brain through the nasal passage, targeting the hippocampus and other deep brain structures associated with memory and emotional regulation.
3. Red and Near-Infrared Light
  • The device utilizes both red (633 nm) and near-infrared (810 nm) wavelengths, which are known for their ability to penetrate tissues and influence cellular function. These wavelengths are chosen for their effectiveness in promoting brain health and stimulating neural activity.

Benefits of  Vielight Photobiomodulation Therapy


  • Activates cytochrome c oxidase (COX) to produce more ATP in the mitochondria.
  • Reduces inflammation through production of anti-inflammatory cytokines.
  • Improves sleep quality.
  • Cognitive enhancement – improved memory ,learning ability and reaction time.
  • Up-regulation of cytochrome oxidase activity leads to neuro protective effects, self repair & enhanced neuronal function.
  • Creates mild oxidants leading to gene transcription, cellular repair and healing.
  • Releases nitric oxide from hypoxic/impaired cells back into the system. Nitric oxide is used for cellular communication and it also helps dilate the blood vessels and improve blood circulation.
  • Stimulates the mitochondria of white blood cells, potentially leading to improved immune function.
  • Mood regulation – helps manage stress and anxiety.


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