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Find patterns of imbalance rather than focus on symptoms. Treat the whole person to restore yourself to health.

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Stop the Guesswork!
Our custom panels through Labcorp allows our practitioners to apply detective work to find root cause to the imbalances in the body. This can provide a more complete way of working with the client and allowing the body to become back into balance and Restore Yourself to Health.

Weight Loss with Semaglutide and NAD

Battle of the Bulge?

When diet and exercise is not enough

Functional Wellness

At Restore Yourself To Health, we use Functional Wellness Therapy.

Functional Wellness Therapy asks how and why imbalances occur and restores health by addressing the root causes of the imbalances before disease sets in.
It is an approach to client care that views health and imbalance, as part of a continuum. Our body is a beautiful ever changing, adapting and willing partner in our quest for health. Our body is always trying to communicate need and with Functional Wellness Therapy, we use a detective approach to find that root cause and give a voice to the needs of the body before chronic disease sets in.

Chronic disease is usually preceded by a period of declining function in one or more of the body’s systems. Restoration of health requires improving the specific dysfunctions that have contributed to the dis-eased state. Functional Wellness Therapy provides tools and a reproducible method to enable clinicians to identify dysfunction and promote balance in physiology as the primary means of improving client health.”
Functional Wellness Therapy reveals what imbalances we need to address, to help bring your body back to homeostasis (balance).

At Restore Yourself to Health, we use a mind-body approach as well, which combines physical, mental, and emotional work. By including the whole person, we bring awareness to the healing process, and help you uncover and re-discover what the true meaning of healing is for you. We will work together to peel away defense and coping mechanisms that keep us stuck in dynamics that are interconnected to the imbalances we find in the body. When we are not in awareness it can make it hard to heal on an emotional level, which impacts our physical healing.

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