Restore Your Gut IV

IV Hydration Therapy

Restore Your Gut IV Treatment

Overall, the Restore Your Gut IV helps with Gi Symptoms from over indulging, or underlying gi disturbances. Rehydrate to replenish your body with vitamins and nutrients. The additional NSAID and anti-nausea medications will help with pain relief and reduce feelings of nausea. 

B-complex and vitamin C can help reduce GI symptoms by improving hydration levels, liver function, energy levels, and immune function. However, it’s essential to consult with your doctor before undergoing any IV therapy to ensure it’s safe for you.

Additionally, the best way to prevent Gi Distress is to find out what is going on, on the inside. This IV is also great hangovers! Remember to drink alcohol in moderation or avoid it altogether. If you do drink, staying hydrated, eating, and taking breaks in between drinks could reduce the risk of a hangover. We also add Pepsin and anti-nausea medication to help alleviate unwanted symptoms.

1. Rehydration:

Dehydration is a common symptom of a hangover. While a liter of IV solution is rehydrating, vitamin C can help boost those hydration levels, reducing symptoms such as headache, fatigue, and dry mouth.

2. Improved liver function:
Vitamin C can help improve liver function as well, which can be helpful for processing alcohol and reducing symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.
3. Increased energy levels:
B-complex vitamins can help increase energy levels, reducing fatigue and improving mental clarity.
4. Improved immune function:
Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that can help support immune function, which can be helpful for preventing illnesses during or after a hangover.
Restore Your Gut IV Treatment Includes:

1 Liter of IV Fluids:

  • B-Complex
  • B-1 Thiamine
  • B- 2 Riboflavin
  • B- 3 Niacin
  • B- 5 Pantothenic Acid
  • B- 6 Pyridoxine
  • Glutathione
  • NSAID Pain Medication
  • Anti-Nausea Medication

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