Restore Your Libido IV

IV Hydration Therapy

Restore Your Libido IV Treatment

Overall, Restore Your Libido IV with BOOSTED L-proline and arginine, as well as B12, can help improve blood flow, help with hormone balance, energy levels, and reduce stress levels, all of which can help improve sexual health and function for everyone. However, it’s essential to consult with your doctor before undergoing any IV therapy to ensure it’s safe for you.

1. Increased blood flow:
Amino acids like L-proline and Arginine can help improve blood flow by relaxing blood vessels. This can help increase blood flow to the genital area, which is essential for sexual arousal and function in both men and women.
2. Hormone balance:
Amino acids are the building blocks of hormones, and L-proline has been shown to help promote the body’s production of testosterone, which is important for sexual desire and function.
3. Improved energy:
Amino acids and b12 can help boost energy levels, which can be helpful for improving sexual stamina and performance.
4. Reduced stress:

Amino acids like L-proline have also been shown to have a calming effect on the body, which can help reduce stress levels. High levels of stress can interfere with sexual desire and function, so reducing stress can help improve sexual health.

Restore Your Libido IV Treatment includes:

1litre of IV fluids:

  • BOOSTED – Arginine
  • BOOSTED – L-proline
  • B12-methylcobalamin

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