Restore Yourself to Health believes that everyone has the ability to heal themselves. That every “body” has the innate ability to heal. The question is something everyone at some point will be faced with. Whether it’s an injury, a health scare, pain, and or a sudden onset of illness. In today’s world we are inundated with magic potions, pills, belief systems, cures, medications and a million different perspectives on how to heal the body. As a consumer it’s overwhelming, scary, disappointing, intimidating and at times daunting to know where to even start your healing journey. Here at Restore Yourself to Health, we want to take that sacred journey with you. We hope to provide a clear, educational, simplified plan that allows you to be at the center of your healing journey. We do not heal you. You heal yourself. We help you restore yourself to that sense of connection with your body, restore that trust in communicating with your body, and we restore your ability to bring your body back into balance.
Balance is a state of wellbeing and health. So come to…
Restore Yourself to Health!

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Functional Wellness

Identifying illness at the source

Restoring wellness

Supporting continued health and wellbeing

Body Work Therapy

Intuitive Body Reading

Injury Rehab

Cranio-sacro Therapy

Ancient Healing Traditions

IV Therapy

Hydration for the cellular health

Necessary micronutrients for wellness

Recovery for imbalances in the body


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