Ancient Healing Traditions Workshop

Honoring the Divine Feminine Power Within.

Honoring the Divine Feminine Power Within.

In The Taoist tradition, they believe the uterus is a woman’s second Heart.

One of the most profound teachings covers the connection of the heart to the uterus. There is a vessel called the Bao Luo which connects the heart to the uterus and it is said in ancient texts that if the heart energy is blocked it can directly affect the functioning of the uterus.The heart is understood to house the mind, so if there are any deficiencies or blockages in the heart area (energetically or physically) it will impact the mental state of the individual. Similarly, if there are any stressors that affect the mind and cause anxiety this will impact the energy of the heart.

It is not surprising then, that Quan Yin who is considered the female Buddha energy and is the Goddess of compassion was also known as the Goddess of fertility In ancient times prayers were made to her during the new and full moon in order to bring conception to those who faced challenges. Those times of the moon phases were considered ‘magical efficacy’ and are also said to link up with a woman’s menstrual and ovulation cycle when she is in harmony with nature.

It’s vital that we consider in todays world that the disconnect of our heart can impact every vital organ in our body. Especially the Uterus. We are seeing more fertility issues now than ever before and I believe this Ancient Knowledge can build a bridge to support the necessary healing and harmony we are all seeking and help us repair the body, mind, soul connection.

The Five Flows of Conception:

  • We will explore Maya specific techniques that will teach you how to care for your uterus.
  • We will teach you spiritual anatomy that is based in Ancient knowledge and combine modern science anatomy, so you can have a deeper relationship with your body.
  • We will dive into sophisticated testing that offers a clear picture of how your body is cycling and what we need to do to achieve balance.
  • Discuss herbs and nutrients that directly impact and address fertility.

Join Pamela Burditt and Elise Bohaty for an evening of


Fertility And The Necessary Five Flows For Conception

Thursday February 15th, 2024

6:00- 7:30pm | $25

Call to reserve your place by Monday February 12th.
( Limited space)
1604 West Lake St.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
visit us at restoreyourselftohealth.com


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